When you want to buy a product, everyone must think about the price that is priced and how the quality of the product. Especially when you want to buy an apartment/condo at the time of pre-launch, there are many considerations that must be considered, especially in terms of price, however, if you’re simply looking for a good apartment/condo, just check out the recommended Wilshire Residence. Usually, the developers provide very extraordinary promos at this time.

With the many promos, plus the pre-launch price that tends to be cheaper, you can benefit if you buy the apartment for the purpose of being invested, both for resale and for rent.

Another advantage if you invest in a pre-launching apartment/condo, namely:

If the apartment you bought is located in a strategic area, just like the Wilshire Residences showflat, it certainly provides benefits. You can increase the price accordingly, according to the estimates of how strategic the location is.

Big profits can reach 20 percent.

You can get a bigger profit if the apartment you buy is located in a business-centered area, like Wilshire Residence.

Disadvantages of Buying an Apartment When Pre Launching

Not all benefits mentioned can be enjoyed by all consumers. There are also disadvantages that you might get if you buy an apartment at the time of pre-launch. That’s why we also recommend you to buy an apartment from a trusted developer like the Wilshire Residences for a safer option.

Here are the possible losses if you buy a pre-launch apartment/condo:

Apartments that you have not yet been able to live indirectly. Even though you might buy the apartment in cash. You have to wait for the apartment to be completed until it is finished, even the process is not necessarily on time.

Purchasing an apartment at pre-launching has a high risk. It is even possible that the apartment project being made by the developer stops in the middle of the road. It could be that the money obtained from all these consumers is used by developers for other projects that are considered more profitable. Therefore, you really need to be careful if you want to buy an apartment when pre-launching.