Investment is indeed a very important thing for many people. There are many people who make investments. Investment itself has many types of instruments. You must choose the right investment instrument. there are many types of investment instruments, ranging from gold, money or property. You can also choose properties like condos, Piermont Grand Sumang EC is one of the best condos you can choose. Located in a strategic location, this apartment can be the right investment instrument for you.

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However, the thing you should know is that you have to choose a strategic location for the condo. there are several areas that you can choose as the best area for investment.

1. New area
The characteristics of this region are generally relatively young from other regions. Here, there are still many new property developments that will continue to be carried out. You can choose a new area that is starting to develop so you can get many buyers there.

2. The old but stable area
The area is old but still stable is the best area for you. The stable area has a lot of changes in the function of the property from residential houses to shophouses. Choose the area that has shop houses, restaurants, and factory outlets. The area that has various things becomes an area that is wanted by many people.

3. Modern area
Choose a modern area where there are many buildings that have just been built there. This area will develop very rapidly in the next few years. Your condo will be known by many people and develops within 2-5 years. This is a good thing for you.
You have to choose the best area for your apartment, this will affect the selling price and price of the condo. The best area can be the best investment for you.