Science has a special way to learn it and to get effective science learning, here are tips or ways from mcgill university:

First, learn science from the ground up. Start learning from the beginning or from what you don’t know. Because a student’s mistakes in learning science are not mastering the basics. For example, you study the rhythm, but multiplication cannot. Don’t try to learn without having to base it because science is like a ladder that has a foothold. Your basic foundation is not how you go up to it.

Second. Learn consistently. In learning must be instilled in us whose name is consistent, learn continuously in order to master the lesson. If you are inconsistent, then you cannot get effective learning because you can forget, if you don’t study anymore. If you study biology, study every day. If you can’t do it once a week or how many times a week. It’s better than learning to go overnight. The greatest system in the history of credits (overnight speed system), sorry is not a promotion.

Third, do exercises related to the formula. If you understand how to learn in mathematical, physical and chemical formulas. Try to practice by working on the questions in the books or anywhere you can do the questions.

Fourth, understand everything you learn, not just memorize it. This is most students’ mistakes when learning science because science cannot be learned only by memorizing, but it needs to also understand. So learning by understanding the lessons you are studying should not understand and eventually, you will be confused in the next lesson.

Fifth, develop the knowledge you learn. After you understand, you should develop what you learn. For example, examples of other questions that you want to add. Or someone who doesn’t know in the science student you are studying.