Desktop management in a company is a comprehensive approach to managing all computer devices in a company. These include laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. Desktop Management is one component of the Management System which is the administration of all organizational system components, and other components of the management system also include network management and database management.

The main purpose of desktop management is to ensure the computing resources needed for its users in order to carry out their work which is always available when they need it. Desktop management also controls centralization of personal computers, computer hardware, computer software configuration, managing user accounts and updating the system in order to deal with changes in the company’s business needs.

The task of Desktop Management has undergone its initial development, including installation and maintenance of hardware and software, spam filtering and giving user permission. In the end, Management Desktop has another bigger task, which is the task of security. In terms of security. The management of Toshiba has a user account and updates on virus and spyware, patch management, and controlling Greynet applications. The Greynet application is a programs installed without agreement with the company, such as instant messaging, RSS Reader and Sharing Programs. Meanwhile, if your company requires the best experts in IT, perhaps you should call the Qulix Company and hire their services.

In this field, there is also a term which is known as Desktop Management Interface, which means Desktop Interface Management, which is an industrial framework that functions to manage and track hardware components and software components contained in personal computer systems from a central location. The Desktop Management Interface (DMI) created by Task Desktop Management aims to automate the management system and is very useful in many computer network management computing environments, in this case, the number can reach tens or more.