What is immigration? In general, the notion of immigration is the process of moving people from one country/nation to another in order to settle permanently, where the person is not a citizen of the destination country. Another opinion says the meaning of immigration is the movement of people from one country to another with the aim of permanently settling and making a living in the country. You can get I-9 verification on our website.

In the field of public services, the term immigration refers to a series of activities in providing services, law enforcement, safeguards against the process of entry and exit of humans from and to the territory of a country, as well as supervision of foreign nationals in the territory of the country. People who immigrate to other countries are called immigrants. In this case, tourists, sports and arts groups, diplomats and foreign workers are not included in the category of immigrants because they are only temporary in the destination country.

Immigration does not just happen, there are some things that are the driving factors. Referring to the notion of immigration, while some of the factors driving the occurrence of immigration are as follows:

1. Economic Factors
Economic factors are the main factors that cause the most immigration from one country to another. Poor economic conditions in a country often make citizens immigration to other countries where there are opportunities to have a much better economic level.

2. Socio-cultural factors
Socio-culture, in this case, is the values, social order, and human behavior in a country. For example, a social and cultural system in a European country that gives freedom and deeply respects human rights, this makes many other citizens who experience conflict to immigrate to European countries.

3. Political Stability Factor
The political stability of a country is closely related to the economic level in the country. In general, a country with stable political and economic conditions will become a destination for migration of foreign citizens whose countries are not politically and economically secure.