Sometimes life is not satisfied, while other people find it hard to find work, some of us even want to leave their jobs and change to new jobs or companies. Working is indeed not a matter of money or salary alone, there are several factors that make among us, even with a heavy heart, have to opt out of their jobs check my source.

Even though it is subjective, at least according to a study, company management factors are the main reason why someone changes jobs. In addition to salary issues and company management, sometimes the intention to move jobs is caused by the work itself. If you have a plan to resign and you seek a new job, you can visit jobcentreonline.

If someone asks why you left the company, some of us will answer because of the bad relationship between you and the boss or with your colleagues. Who is not annoyed, if it turns out the boss treats you unfairly and lacks respect or respect for your contribution to the company. The office atmosphere that does not support the harmonious relationship between employees and management also provides an important role to be used as an excuse for an employee to leave the company.

There are things other than mere material why employees become royal and persevere in a company for years. Feeling valued and needed by the company is one of the factors that make employees stay longer because they feel they have the opportunity to move forward and develop with their company.

Leadership and communication are like kings When the current state of the economy is unstable. Poor management and leadership will cause a lack of motivation, direction, and empowerment for employees, causing a sense of mistrust of employees towards their company. One of the key factors that causes why an employee leaves his company.