You can get fresh air in your home if you use a fan or Air Conditioning (AC). These two electronic devices are the most popular tools for many people. You can use both of these tools or you can use the fan. Fans have many types. One of the most popular types is ceiling fans. You can use services from residential electrician Wilmington NC if you can’t install or repair it yourself.

There are several fan components that are often damaged. You only need to recognize some of the parts.

– Cable Damage
This damage can be caused by rat bites or due to use. It can also occur because of the cable connection to the motor is released. Open the fan, then measure using a tester from the plug to the motor connection to make sure the cable is properly connected. The price of the cable is quite cheap, can be purchased at the local electronics and electricity store.

– Damage to Switches
The switch is the part most often used to change the wind speed and turn on or turn off the fan. Due to continuous usage, this section will become worn and damaged. As a result, the contact between this part and the circuit is not functioning. Such damage is usually indicated by a new fan rotating when the switch is pressed tightly. Whereas when released, the fan turns off again.

– Fan rotation is not normal
This condition usually occurs before a fan experiences further damage. The most common symptoms include the following:
The fan does not live immediately when it is first turned on
The fan shook and made a noise
The fan must be hand-assisted when it is first turned on.
Certain speed does not work.
Wind direction drive does not work