Do you know how to refill a fire extinguisher? Do you know that the fire extinguisher that you have been refilling has only been washed and just replaced by the expired sticker? Fire extinguisher tube is a tool that is needed as a first aid during a fire accident, so each fire extinguisher you have must be ready to use. The fire extinguisher tube must always be refilled according to the expiration period and make sure you refill your fire extinguisher in the right place and officially. Furthermore, you may also need to know fire extinguisher signs after they have been refilled properly.

When you are about to refill your fire extinguisher, make sure the expired media is removed first, and when the filler will bring your tube, make sure the tube is empty so that your fire extinguisher is completely 100% filled with media. new.

Do not let the Fire Extinguisher be filled when taken by a company that wants to refill your fire extinguisher. In order to avoid treatment that is very dangerous to your company.

Refilling your extinguisher is better checked again after being filled, checked again it is better to first empty the contents of the extinguisher tube when taken.